So this is what I got from my last Zoe snorkelling tour ( on Saturday off of Pigeon Point, Tobago. It took me about 5 to 10 minutes but it’s time well spent. #2minutebeachclean#oceangarbage#oceanclean

2 Minute Beach Clean

2 Minute Beach Clean with Zoe Snorkelling Tours

Stuff found

  1. Guinness bottle
  2. Piece of plywood
  3. Small garbage bag
  4. Plastic cup
  5. Hairband
  6. Munch peanut bar
  7. Plastic cap from a water bottle
  8. Label from a Carib bottle.

Remember if you are on a beach, pick up trash for two minutes and post to your social media. #2minutebeachclean

Let’s make a difference!

Duane Kenny

Duane Kenny


Duane Kenny is the owner of Zoe Snorkelling Charters (, Stand Up Paddle Tobago ( and villa rentals at Blue Falls Investments ( He is a life long lover of the ocean, surfing, diving, guitar, adventure and most of all living in Tobago.