You are picked up and driven to the idyllic village of Charlotteville by your guide Duane. Then we take a boat ride over to Lovers Bay with your boat captain, Mark. Named due to its pink sand and secret location, Lovers bay is perfect starting point for our snorkeling adventure.

Lovers Bay Tobago
Marine Beauty Tobago


Lovers Bay offers loads of beautiful marine life. Initially starting out on a shallow reef, as the water gets deeper, the reef goes more vibrant and full of life. In this photo, a school of Bar Jacks swims below us.

lobster tobago
Jack-knife Fish Tobago
Lionfish Tobago

Our next stop is Pirates Bay. This beach may have been where the pirates of old hid their gold, but now it hides new treasure hidden just off shore. We have the option of snorkeling two different areas here or just one and a little relaxation.

Pirates Bay Tobago
Puffer Fish Tobago


A pufferfish checks us out from his home under some rocks. She looks happy to see us.

Lionfish Tobago


A pair of invasive lion fish, cruise along the reef. We are not too happy to see these beautiful visitors but thats for another post.

Fire Worm Tobago
Underwater Shapes Tobago

We finish our day with a lovely local lunch at a Charlotteville restaurant. Ask for the pepper sauce if you would like to add more spice to your life.