Health and Safety Procedures

Your safety is our top priority, so we have implemented the following procedures for all our Tobago tours.


  1. If you are feeling sick or have flu like symptoms, please cancel the tour.
  2. All tours will be private. That means that only your group or party will be on the tour.
  3. Social Distancing will be observed on all tours, where possible.
  4. Masks will be required on all of our tours in our truck and on our boat.
  5. Please walk with masks. If you don’t have one we can provide disposable or cloth masks for an additional charge.
  6. Payments can be paid online before tours. If you want to pay in cash, let us know in advance so that we may prepare your change in a safe way before time.
  7. All life jackets, and car will be sanitized before each tour using a bleach and water solution. Cups will be sanitized using soap and water. Snorkel Masks and fins will be sanitized with soap and water. Snorkels will be soaked in Listerine before each tour.
  8. Hand sanitizer will be available on every tour.
  9. Our guides will be wearing a mask.