So here are a few photos from back in January when I picked up all the boat stuff from Mr. Abraham’s house.

No space left

I think I have managed to squeeze everything in.

There was allot of stuff, so had to squeeze it anywhere I could find space in my truck

Tray Full too

Tray Full too

Truck Full of Supplies

This is my truck full of boat supplies

It sure was a bright and sunny day, so I figured it as a sign for awesome things to come.

Sunny day in Tobago

Sunny day in Tobago

After picking everything up, and storing them away, it was off to Pigeon Point to check out the boat. Boy she is a looker.

Sexy Boat

Great Boat on a great trailer

I can’t wait to get her in the water, and start taking people snorkelling.

Swim deck

One of the best features is the swim deck on the back of Zoe

Inside of ZOE

Got to love the cushions inside of ZOE

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